C was hurt on the job – at sea. He’s been on disability, but he recently got approved to go back to work.

What’s he been doing with his time? Just talking to people.

He’d like to travel, and he might try to find a ship that will take him to places he’s never been before. He’s worried about going to some countries.  A friend of his traveled abroad, got conned and  robbed, was nearly killed being thrown out a fourth floor balcony.

C’s biggest concern is his daughter. His ex-girlfriend started to get paranoid as soon as she got pregnant and hardly lets him see their girl. He has to negotiate through the grandmother, but things are getting better.

C and M kill time together.

M grew up in the country. When he was younger a group of white boys beat him up for talking to a white girl. When he saw his own blood he went crazy, and he doesn’t remember what happened after that. He wound up serving time for murder. He carries scars on his face and head.

He doesn’t like to meet my eyes. He says he has no ambitions.

I wonder if I’ll meet them again.