To me let thy feet run.
To me let thy feet hasten.
For I have a word that I’ll tell thee.
A matter that I’ll declare to thee.
‘Tis the word of the tree.
Yea the whisper of the stone.
The murmur of the heavens to the earth,
Of the deeps to the stars.
-‘Anat, The Myth of Ba’al

The audience for this blog will be: students, friends, Marxists, artists, anarchists. Teachers? Coworkers? Anonymous public?

Purpose: To document, to interpret, to discuss – political economy, geography. Academia? Health care? Civilization? Technology? Gender?

I was going to open with a quote from Gilgamesh, but instead I am invoking ‘Anat, translator unknown (unrecollected). The theme is less relevant to my purpose, but perhaps her eager, breathless rhythm may be a counterpoint to my unrelentingly analytical pacing.